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Churches in alphabetical order (all the languages)



-Catholic Churches


A)Catholic church

Roman Catholic church


            The Holy Father




Oriental Catholic Churches



          Ordinariates without specification of rite

          Byzantine Catholics Churches

               Melkite Church

               Ukrainian Catholic Church

               Rumenian Catholic Church

               Rutenian Church

               Diocese of Krizevci

               Macedonian Catholic Church

               Slovakian Catholic Church

               Hungarian Church

               Italo-Albanian Church

               Greek Catholic Church

               Bulgarian Catholic Church

               Albanian Catholic Church

               Russian Catholic Church

               Byelorussian Catholic Church

               (Georgian Catholic Church)

         Alexandrian Catholic Churches

              Coptic Catholic Church

              Ethiopian or Geez Catholic Church

         Antiochian Catholic Churches

              Maronite Church

              Syrian Catholic Church

             Syro-Malankara Catholic Church

         Caldean Catholic Churches

             Caldean Church

             Syro-Malabar Catholic Church

        Armenian Catholic Church

        Anomalies in the Catholic Church

            Catholic Church in China (and Chinese Patriotic Catholic association )

           Communities post"Ecclesia Dei"

B)Sacerdotal Society of St. Pius X

C) Old Catholic Churches

Union of Utrecht

               Old Catholic Church of the Netherlands
               Catholic Diocese of the Old Catholics in Germany
               Old Catholic Church of Switzerland
               Old Catholic Church of Austria
               Old Catholic Church in the Czech Republic
               Polish Old Catholic Church
               Old Catholic Church in Italy
              Croatian Catholic church
              Old Catholic Church in France (Union of Utrecht)
              Old Catholic Church in Denmark and Sweden

              Polish-Catholic Church of Kanada
Polish National Catholic Church in the U.S.A. and Canada
Old Catholic Church in Slovakia
Old Catholic Mariavite Church
Catholic Mariavite Church

Mariavite Old Catholic Church - Province of North America
Philippine Independent Church
Independent Church of Filipino Christians
Philippine Independent Catholic Church

 -Orthodox Churches


            Communion of the Autocephalous Orthodox Churches



                 Church of Costantinople (Ecumenical Patriarchate of Constantinople)

                               Greek Archdiocese of America

                              Church of Crete

                              Canonical Churches  under the jurisdiction of the Patriarchate

                                     Russian Orthodox  Exarchate in Western Europe

                                     Ukrainian Orthodox Church of Canada

                                     Ukrainian Orthodox Church of America and Diaspora

                                     Council of the Orthodox Byelorussian Churches in North America 

                                     Albanian Orthodox Diocese of America

                                     Carpato-Russian Orthodox Greek Catholic Diocese of U.S.A.

                              Autonomous churches Dependent from the Patriarchate

                                     Orthodox  Church of Finland

                                     Orthodox  Apostolic Church  of Estonia

               Church of Alexandria(Patriarchate of Alexandria)

               Church of Antioch (Patriarchate of Antioch)

                              Antiochian Archdiocese of America (autonomous)

              Church of Jerusalem(Patriarchate of Jerusalem)

                              Church (Autonomous) of the Sinai

              Church of Russia (Patriarchate of Moscow and all the  Russian)

                     Dependent Churches

                         Orthodox Church of  Lithuania

                         Kazakhistan Metropolitanate

                         Orthodox   Church of Estonia (Archdiocese of Tallinn and all the Estonia)

                         Orthodox   Church of Latvia (Archdiocese of Riga and all the Latvia)

                         Orthodox   Church of Moldova (Metropolitanate of Kishinev and all the Moldova)

                         Orthodox   Church of Byelorussian (Exarchate of Byelorussian)

                    Autonomous Churches Dependent from the Patriarchate

                         Church of Ukraine

                         Russian Orthodox Church outside of Russia

                         Church of Japan

                         Church of China

            Church of Serbia (Metropolitanate of Belgrado and Patriarchate  of Serbia)

                                Orthodox Autonomous archdiocese of Ochrida 

           Church of Romania (Archdiocese of Bucarest and Patriarchate of Romania)  

                                   Bessarabian Orthodox Metropolitanate

            Church of Bulgaria (Metropolitanate of Sofia and Patriarchate  of Bulgaria)

            Church of Georgia (Archdiocese of Mitschete and Tyflida and Patriarchate of Georgia)

            Church of Cyprus (Archdiocese of New Jiustiniana and all Cyprus)

            Church of Greece (Archdiocese of Athens and all Greece)

            Church of Poland (Metropolitanate of Warsaw and all Poland)

                  Orthodox Catholic Church of Portugal, Spain and Brazil 

            Church of Albania  (Archdiocese of Tirana and all Albania)

            Church of the Czech Republic and the Slovakia 

            Orthodox Church of America

 Old Calendarist Orthodox Churches


          Moderate Old Calendarist Communion 

                   Old-Calendarist Church of Greece (Synod of the Metropolitan Kyprianus) 

                   Old-Calendarist Church of Romania 

                   Old-Calendarist Church of Bulgaria 

                   Russian Orthodox Church Outside of Russia (Metropolitan Aghafhangel)

           Other Old Calendarist Florinites Churches


                   Church of the Genuine Orthodox Christians of Greece (Archbishop Crisostomo II)

                   True Orthodox Church of Greece (Synod of Lamia)

                   True Orthodox Church of Greece (Massimo's Synod)

                   Holy Orthodox Church in North America

                  Autonomous Orthodox Metropolia of Western Europe and the Americas

                  Other Florinites Synods  

        Other Old Calendarist Matthewites Churches

                 Old Calendarist Communion (Synod of Nicola II )

                Church of the Genuine Orthodox Christians (Synod of Gregorio
and of Chrisostomos)

                Synod of Kiriakos of Mesogaia

       Other Old Calendarist Russian Churches

                Russian Orthodox Church in Exile

              Russian Orthodox Church (Anthony, Damaskinous)

              True Russian Orthodox Church (S. of Lazaro)

              Autonomous Orthodox Russian Church

             Autonomous Orthodox Russian Church in America (Gregory of Colorado)

              Serafimo-Gennadite Orthodox Church  

            Russian True Orthodox Church (Ukrainian Succession)

Old Believers Churches

                Old-Ritualist Russian Orthodox Church

               Old-Ritualist Lipovan Orthodox Church

               Old-Orthodox Russian Church

Post Communist Orthodox Churches

             Orthodox Church of  Macedonia 

                Ukrainian Autocephalous Orthodox church  

                Ukrainian Autocephalous Orthodox church-Kiev Patriarchat

                 Belarus Autocephalous Orthodox Church

                Orthodox Church of Bulgaria (Bulgarian Alternative Synod)

                 Montenegrin Orthodox church

                Italian Orthodox Church

                Avlona Metropolitanate

-Not Calcedonian Churches

             Introduction and link

            Assyrian church

                   Holy Assyrian Catholic Apostolic Church of the East (New-calendarist)

                                       Syro-Malabar Orthodox Church

                   Holy Assyrian Catholic Apostolic Church of the East (Old-calendarist)

            Communion of the Oriental Orthodox Churches

                  Coptic Orthodox church

                         British Orthodox Church (autonomous)

                 Orthodox Ethiopian Tewahedo Church

                                          Ethiopian Holy Synod in Exile

                 Orthodox Eritrean Tewahedo Church

                  Syrian Orthodox Church

                          Malankara Orthodox Church (autonomous)

                       Christian Jacobite Knanaya Church (semiautonomous)

             Armenian Church

                         Catholicosate of the Holy Etchmiadzin

                         Catholicosate of the Greater House of Cilicia

                         Armenian Patriarchate of Jerusalem

                         Armenian Patriarchate of Istambul

             Orthodox Malankara (Indian)  Church

   Other not Calcedonian Churches  of the Kerala

                Malabar indipendent syrian church

                Mar Thoma Syrian Church

-Anglican Churches


Anglican Communion

             Introduction and link

             Church of England

                                Parish of the Falkland Islands

                                Diocese of Bermuda

                                Anglican Church in Ceylon

                                Spanish Reformed Episcopal church

                                Lusitanian Episcopal Church

             Church in Wales

             Scottish Episcopal Church

             Church of Ireland

             Protestant Episcopal Church of America

             Anglican Church of Canada

            Church in the Province of the West Indies

                      Episcopal church of Cuba

            Anglican Church of Australia

           Episcopal Church in Jerusalem & The Middle East

            Anglican Church in Aotearoa, New Zealand & Polynesia

            Church of the Province of Southern Africa

            Church of the Province of South East Asia

           Church of the Province of West Africa

           Holy Catholic Church in Hong Kong

           Church of the Province of Melanesia

            Church of the Province of Central Africa

           Anglican Church of Mexico

            Church of the Province of Uganda

            Anglican Church of Tanzania

            Anglican Church of Kenya

            Church of Nigeria (Anglican Communion)

           Anglican church of the South Cone of America

          Church of the Province of Myanmar

         Holy Catholic Church in Japan (Anglican Communion in Japan)

           Anglican Church of Korea

          Anglican church of the Central Region of America

          Church of the Province of the Indian Ocean

           Anglican Episcopal church of Brazil

          Episcopal Church in the Philippines

           Episcopal Church of the Sudan

           Anglican Church of Papua New Guinea

           Episcopal Church of Rwanda

           Episcopal Church of Burundi

           Anglican Church of the Province of Congo

           United Churches members of the Anglican Communion

    Anomalies in the Anglican Communion

            Fellowship of Confessing Anglicans

            Anglican Church in North America

            Other anomalies

Churches in communion with the Anglican Communion

-United Churches

Church of South India
Church of North India
Church of Pakistan
Church of Bangladesh



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